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Carawaggyio has come from combining two passions:  drawing and my dogs.  Mutley was our first labrador who effortlessly charmed himself a considerable fan club who wanted drawings of him. i got huge joy over drawing his image and being able to mull over the immense comfort he gave me, Mutley is just so gentle and patient you can trust him with young children exploring his ears or tugging his tail. He's a grand, yellow lump and i feel like i'm leading a gentleman around on the end of the lead. This is in stark contrast to our second labrador, Muppet, who just wants to create excitement by stealing the golfer's balls from the fairway, crashing through the fisherman's tents or ambushing other dogs. Unfortunately the hope that Mutley would teach her good manners  seems to be working in reverse as he is beginning to copy her. Her nickname is snorkel for it's habit of appearing over the horizon of a table edge. i find drawing very grounding and meditative, i have adhd and have not found anything i can work on and complete like drawing lets me. 

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